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End-User Training Testimonials and Case Studies

Brian Topley
Omni Brokerage, Inc.
“I attended a 2-day Outlook training at LearniT! San Francisco (Modules 1-8), and am extremely satisfied with what I received. The training provided by the instructor was both comprehensive and effective. Upon completion of this class I determined that my staff at Omni Brokerage, Inc. would certainly benefit from similar training in Outlook. I worked with Alex Mozes (LearniT! Small Business Account Manager) and explained to him our situation.

Alex provided me with the personal attention that I extend to my customers and was willing and able to customize this class to my company’s specific needs. Therefore, the training equipped my employees with all the information they needed to be more successful with the program, but didn’t waste anyone’s time with fluff, or information that was not necessary.

The class was a big hit. I’m confident we can now use Outlook as a strategic business tool instead of a simple electronic mailbox. The Learn IT! Instructor (Jeff Sanchez) was knowledgeable and provided real world experience and examples during the training.

Overall, I was very delighted with the training and customer service LearniT! Provided me with, and would strongly recommend their services to any business.

Thank you Alex and LearniT! for all of your help.”

Adele Dow
Space Manager
Cancer Research Institute
“I had the opportunity to take two Excel classes (Part 5 on Database Tools and Part 6 on Graphing and Charts) from Learn iT! last summer. I was very pleased with the organization of the class and the professionalism of the instruction.

The teacher was quite conversant with Excel and showed multiple ways to complete the various applications so you could choose the method that was logical for you.

He did a good job of responding to individual questions while keeping the class together and moving forward to cover the material.

We had a chance to practice every step and technique on our own computers, so we were truly learning by doing. We also received a lesson summary booklet to take with us that reviewed everything we learned and has been a good reference for me. Each class was 90 min. and the amount of material was about right – I left feeling like I had learned enough to use new Excel features without having my brain muddled from overload.

A Cancer Center Admin Assistant has this to share about her experience:

‘I appreciate Learn iT!’s systematic and efficient coverage of software functions. The teachers are committed to serve student’s particular needs and to answer every question. And thanks to the modular schedule, students can conveniently choose between covering a lot of material at once or little bits at a time.’

We would both recommend Learn iT! for UC employees needing computer training, and will use them again ourselves for future training.”

Simon Jang
Human Resources Information Systems
UCSF Medical Center
“I wanted to thank Learn iT! for doing such a great job! We have been using your services over the past 3 years for our End-User Training, and received great feedback from our staff. The modular format allows scheduling flexibility, and your trainers are all subject matter experts, which is what contributes to a great experience in the classroom!We feel confident when recommending your services to other departments within UCSF and hope for a continuing relationship with you in the future! Thank you.”
Sondra Christian
“I have been with the City and County of San Francisco for thirteen years and have been through a number of computer classes (even attended an Excel Class previously) and managerial training classes, but I have never attended a class that has provided me with so much useful knowledge and the ability to tackle the program when I sat down at my own desk and computer without the teacher. The Learn iT! classes are presented in a hands-on format where we practice several techniques that are conducive to our own style of learning. The teachers are precision-trained and they leave nothing out, asking questions is encouraged and “follow-up, in the class, by the teachers” is standard.

The facility is beautiful and immaculately kept, the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff is just outstanding. My experience there at Learn iT! was without a doubt of paramount proportions. I will be sending my staff there to be trained and I know that they will bring a richness of productivity and expertise back to the office. Thank you, Learn iT! for an exceptional experience.”

Dana Jones
Marketing Coordinator
Pasta Pomodora
“I took your Quark class (module 1-4) earlier this month and wanted to thank you for teaching me so much! I have been able to do many projects in-house that normally took days and too much money to have someone on the outside do the same work.

I appreciate how helpful of an instructor that you were and how much time you took to make sure that we were learning the right stuff to be able to apply it to our jobs. I also praise Learn iT! for the classroom style. It is so helpful for everyone to have their own computer to work on, and have the center monitor so that we can see what our instructor is doing as well.

Thank you again! I look forward to taking more classes.”

Jennifer Gildea
Training Specialist
“I wanted to let you know that Chalene was a HUGE hit with all of the employees. She was dynamic, flexible and made the classes very interesting. We really received a lot of positive verbal feedback regarding her training. I would definitely like you to put her at the top of the list for future training for Amgen San Francisco.

Talk to you soon.”

Heather Calvosa
Partnership Manager
“ A co-worker recommended the Learn iT program to me, and I decided to take the entry-level HTML classes as a way to gain more independence in my job. As an account manager, I had been highly dependant on out technology team to write anything that required HTML coding, and I figured it was time I learned to do it myself.

Everything from the registration process to the final lesson was painless; the instructor was great and taught at a pace that kept everyone in the class involved.

I also liked the fact that the new information was projected in a way that made it easy to bring back to work without having to take extensive notes. Although I was only able to stay for half the day I felt as though I walked away with a full college semester’s worth of new HTML knowledge.

I look forward to taking more classes at Learn iT and continuing to build on the foundation you have helped me establish. In a world where computes are so crucial, yet still a little scary to some, Learn iT makes it quick and easy to stay in touch with technology. And Sarah Finchum was especially great! Thanks for everything!”

“Attention: Learn iT! team/Damon Lembi

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know my two days in your Photoshop class was time well spent.

The instructors were very adept at presenting the material, it was amazing what I learned in just 48 hours! I am no longer intimidated by Photoshop as I now am equipped with the tools to attack projects that before were put permanently on the bottom of the to do pile.

Being able to use Photoshop has been most helpful in growing my business, for sure. I look forward to taking more classes with Learn It.

Thank you again very much.”

Ari Derfel
Back to Earth inc.
“Dear Learn iT!

WOW! One day of Microsoft Excel classes has improved our business immensely! Thanks to your phenomenal staff and top-notch teaching style, our staff learned a great deal about Excel and how to use it to make work more efficient, less stressful and entirely more productive.

In addition to the great education our entire staff received, the Learn iT! facility is a wonderful place to spend a day learning. From the clean, spacious work area provided to each student to the coffee, hot and cold water in the lounge area, Learn iT! takes the time to make people feel comfortable and it makes a day in front of a computer all the more enjoyable.

Your numerous course offerings and module based curriculum also make it easy to find a class that fits into a busy schedule. As a catering company, we often work long days, have erratic schedules and experience last minute demands on our time. Learn iT! is incredibly flexible and has always accommodated our every need.

I highly recommend learn iT computer training, especially for Microsoft Office courses. While many people have basic proficiency with this software, a single day at Learn iT! uncovers the full potential of these programs and results in hours saved at work. For organizations looking to get the most out of every day, I recommend Learn iT! highly and without question. It is a small investment with huge returns that will pay off well into the future.

Thank you again and we look forward to learning from you again soon!

Have a wonderful day.”

Case Studies

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