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Productivity and Decision Making Courses

We use our own 8 Step Model for Learning , researched and developed by our internal experts in education and curriculum development. Our 8 Step Model for Learning allows every concept/tool to be explored, understood, practiced while encouraging students to connect the concept and tool to their professional or personal lives.
Conquer Chaos: Workplace Prioritization and Pressure Management Tools - Live OnlineCritical ThinkingApply Advanced Critical Thinking Skills: Take Charge of Your Decision MakingCustomer Focused Communication - Live OnlineCustomer Service Excellence: Personalize Service to Give Customers What They Want - Live OnlineCustomer Service SkillsDevelop Analytical Skills: Streamline Your Decision MakingDevelop and Manage Your Performance Goals and ObjectivesDevelop Strategic Agility, Embrace Change and Drive ResultsDon’t Procrastinate: Take Charge of Your Time - Live OnlineMake a Plan and Stick to It - Live OnlineMake the Transition: Leading through Change - Live OnlineMaximize Your Time: Paper and Email Processing - Live OnlinePlan and Prioritize: Time Management with OutlookUnder Pressure: Effective Decision-Making When Time is a Factor - Live OnlineTime Management - Live OnlineTurn Stress into Strength: Get Out of Your Own Way - Live OnlineMake Meetings Matter: Face to Face Meeting StrategiesMake Meetings Matter: Virtual Meeting StrategiesThrive in Chaos: Learn to Prioritize and Make Decisions Under PressureTime Management